Customers may specify their desired solution platform or use our InnoNow® Digital Health Plug-and-Play Platform.

Compared to starting from scratch, customizing InnoNow for a given application results in substantial benefits:

InnoNow integrates apps and devices with cloud applications to create an end-to-end digital health solution. ​

In other words, InnoNow is a toolbox of validated software and hardware reference designs. It is built with mobility in mind, using state-of-the-art technologies in sensing, communication, computing and social networking.


The platform includes the following capabilities, which are expanding as part of our internal development.

Customizable for

add-on capabilities to existing customer solutions or New, turnkey end-to-end solutions

Built for mobility and scalability

using state-of-the-art sensing, communication, computing, UX/UI and social networking

Secure and Scalable

to a trusted infrastructure and capable of being offered as Software as a Service (SaaS)


to HIPAA compliant cloud services

Comprised of backend Engines

intelligent decision support Logistics and operational coordination User engagement: curated content, custom reminders, alerts and notifications

Comprised of backend repositories

aggregated captured data Data analysis and visualization Integrated reference data libraries